Battlefield 4 on PC updated, increased stability and tweaks included

A small update was pushed out by DICE for Battlefield 4 on the PC yesterday, which includes a bunch of stability, balancing and player spawning fixes. Stealth jets have also been tweaked, with a 25% increase in the amount of damage their cannons can do. A full list of fixes is below:






  • Various fixes for improving general stability


  • Fixed a memory leak issue occurring after level shutdowns, which could result in a out-of-memory crash in longer play sessions


  • Additional fix for the ”sound loop” deadlock when running High/Ultra graphics settings


  • Added a warning for using Legacy AMD drivers that were out of date


  • Fixed a player feedback timing issue where blood was appearing before other damage indicators, and before damage was actually done


  • Fixed a bug where players’ rank icons on the scoreboard would not be updated


  • Fix for Asian users unable to start Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 on Windows 8.1


  • Normalized repair rates across all vehicles. Vehicles with lower health points, like aircraft and transport vehicles, now repair more slowly than before


  • Fixed problem with killer health in kill card not being correctly updated (showing 100% health even though the soldier was hurt)


  • Fix for friendly marker not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members


  • Fixed a bug where a M1 Abrams Coaxial HMG ammo box was occasionally blocking the driver’s camera


  • Increased damage by 25% for the Stealth Jet 20mm cannons.


  • Stealth Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other. F35 & J-20 are slightly more agile, Su-50 is less agile.


  • Attack Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other, and all 3 are now slightly less agile than earlier


  • Fixed camera glitch when switching weapons while moving in crouch


  • Fixed an occasional bug where players could experience intermittent engine sound dropouts when driving wheeled IFVs


  • Fix for player spawning under the map when deploying on Lancang Dam


  • Fixed flickering in map and minimap on Rogue Transmission and Operation Locker

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