G.SKILL unleashes 32GB kit of DDR3L SO-DIMM RAM clocked at 2133MHz

G.SKILL has been dominating the SO-DIMM market lately, continuing that lead today with the announcement of its new DDR3L SO-SIMM memory that is clocked at 2133MHz. Not only is that impressive, but it comes in a gigantic 32GB kit.

TweakTown image news/3/7/37164_03_g_skill_unleashes_32gb_of_ddr3l_ram_clocked_at_2133mhz.png

The 32GB kit comes in 4 x 8GB sticks, with a low voltage of just 1.35V and a timing of 11-11-11-31. It joins the ever-expanding RIPJAWS line from G.SKILL, and has been tested out in the high-end MSI GT70 2OC gaming laptop, where the new RAM was perfect under extreme load.

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