Google Play services updated with new location, Google+ sign-in, and cloud messaging APIs

Android lead Hugo Barra just announced a number of new API for Android developers as part of a Google Play services update. Aside from the highly-anticipated new gaming features, Barra outlined updates to Android location-based tools, Google Cloud Messaging, and Google+ sign-ins. There are three new location-based APIs — fused location provider users a new low-power location finding mode that users less than one percent of battery per hour, which should make GPS-enabled apps a bit less power-hungry. There’s also a new geofencing feature, which Barra said was as ”big ask” from developers. The last is activity recognition, which users the accelerometer to determine whether you’re walking, riding a big, and so forth — that should be a… Continue reading… ]]> http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/15/4333132/google-announces-google-play-service-updates