Mac Pro Returns in Europe After 2013 Safety Ban

Apple Mac Pro

European Apple fans can now get their hands on the new Mac Pro.

Apple pulled its older Mac Pro from European store shelves last year because new safety regulations in the region found the fans within the desktop to be a hazard.

”The internal fans don’t meet new European [safety] regulations.  You can open the case while the computer is running and put your fingers in the fan,” a poster in the Apple forums noted at the time.

Cupertino pulled the aging Mac Pro from the market in the EU as of March 1, 2013, though resellers could sell their remaining inventory.

At the time, Apple CEO Tim Cook had already promised a new Mac Pro in 2013, so Apple opted to stop selling the older Mac Pro until the new one was ready rather than fix the fan issue.

Apple provided a sneak peek at the Mac Pro at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, and a more in-depth look at its October iPad event.

The new desktop finally went on sale in December, starting at $2,999. For more, check out our unboxing, as well as PCMag’s full review and the video below.