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NCIXcom har just lagt upp ett videoklipp G-Sync Monitor DIY Install Guide – How To Mod Your Monitor This is a simple guide on how to mod your existing LCD to add G-sync module to your compatible monitor. Lots of shots of Linus’ hands for those of you who might like that kind of thing. Learn More/Where to Buy: Canada: http://www.ncix.caproducts/?sku=80244 US: http://us.ncix.com/products/?sku=80244 Join the conversation on our community: Forums: http://forums.ncix.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NCIXdotCOM Twitter: https://twitter.com/NCIXdotCOM Newsletter: http://www.ncix.ca/article.php?mode=newsletter Download our Mobile App: Android: http://tinyurl.com/blqeqaj iOS: http://tinyurl.com/a49ngav Windows: http://bit.ly/1guO0Pn Du kan avsluta prenumerationen på meddelanden om användaren genom att besöka användarens snabbprofil: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_manager