Netflix for Android updated, brings smoother performance all around

Fresh articles Netflix for Android updated, brings smoother performance all around ————————— Update brings performance boost, but profiles are still nowhere to be found The latest Netflix update is rolling out hard and steady this evening, and we’ve had a chance to give it a spin. The app has a newly tweaked UI with the hamburger menu we all know and love (that’s a nerdy term for the slide-out menu apps are adopting) and better lock screen controls when using the Chromecast feature. But that’s not even the good part. What this app brings that everyone will appreciate is a much smoother overall UI. No more janky, stuttery transitions between views, and everything seems nice and fluid while navigating through both your queue and the categories. Huzzah! What we aren’t seeing is the new profiles feature, that seems to have made its way to every platform except Android. Multi-user support for an app like Netflix, which is heavily influenced by user preference, is a big plus. Hopefully we see it soon for the world’s most popular mobile platform. You can try your luck getting the update via the Google Play link above, but as is usual for big updates to popular apps, Netflix is pushing on a controlled rollout. You’ll get the new version eventually — just keep checking. read more Read more: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/androidcentral/~3/b1X6-bn5bhs/story01.htm ————————— 2013-10-17 05:14:49 Dark RSS Reader www.darkrss.ch Sent from my Windows Phone