Newegg TV har just lagt upp ett videoklipp

Newegg TV har just lagt upp ett videoklipp Gigabyte Gaming & Overclocking Intel Z87 Motherboards Interview – Newegg TV http://www.newegg.com | Gigabyte Mobos: http://bit.ly/HAm2EP
Gigabyte Gaming & Overclocking Motherboards Interview

Leon from Gigabyte joins us for an overview and some Q&A about Gigabyte’s Z87 Gaming G1.Killer motherboards, as well as the orange OC models available for serious overclocking. Enjoy!

Gigabyte Mobos @ Newegg
Z87X-OC: http://bit.ly/1assrrO
Z87X-OC-FORCE: http://bit.ly/HKpgVE
G1.Sniper 5 (ATX): http://bit.ly/HykzhO
G1.Sniper M5 (Micro ATX): http://bit.ly/1hO4679

– Credits –
Camera: Steve
Host: Paul
Guest: Leon from Gigabyte
Editing: Anna
Graphics: Tina
Paging: Mr. Lam

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