Nokia Lumia 928 – Unboxing and first impressions of Verizon’s upcoming Windows Phone

Hey check out this article I found on WPCentral: We told you earlier that we’d do an unboxing and give you our first impressions of Verizon’s new flagship Lumia, the 928. The device is due any day now on the carrier for $99 on contract and while it’s not the sexiest Lumia we’ve handled, as Han Solo once quipped: she has it where it counts, kid. The Lumia 928 features a stunning 4.5” AMOLED display, the same highend PureView camera as the Lumia 920 but with a bonus Xenon flash, a high quality rear speaker with digital amplifier and a unique design that only Verizon users will get to experience. It’s a Lumia 920 but refined: thinner and easier to handle. While the phone only comes in white or black, with no bold yellow or cyans to be found, the device performs just as well as you’d expect and it doesn’t feel cheap about it. We’ll post some sample photos tomorrow that we’ll take during Nokia’s press even on May 14th and have a full review in the coming days. For now, take a gander at our comparison video with unboxing and some photos! You can read comments and view pictures/video here at WPCentral.com: http://www.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-928-unboxing-and-first-impressions-verizon