RIFT nu free To play

Greetings Ascended, RIFT® is now Free to Play with no trials, no tricks, no traps. That means a subscription is no longer required to adventure through the vast world of Telara and battle the forces of the planes. From now on, you can log in to your current characters or create new characters without level or content restrictions. On June 12, your account received bonus Loyalty for all the time you were subscribed to RIFT before our F2P conversion. All characters on your account, current and new, will continue to receive additional benefits including extra bag and bank slots not granted to new Free to Play accounts. For more information on RIFT Free to Play and the benefits you receive for having subscribed in the past, visit our Free to Play page and FAQ. Need to download the game again? Get RIFT for free from our Downloads page. See you in Telara, -The RIFT Team