Sprint ATIV S Neo all but confirmed for Friday release

Hey check out this article I found on WPCentral: What started as a trickle has turned into a flood as more and more evidence is confirming a Friday, August 16th release for the much anticipated Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo with Windows Phone 8. Earlier we had accessories begin to arrive in stores and then Samsung listed the device with full specs on their website. Now, Sprint store and Samsung reps are starting to talk about the flagship Sprint Windows Phone. Reader of the site Michael V. went to his local Sprint store this evening and while the store employee did not know the release date, she did have an information packet on the device, as seen below. However, what is more revealing was that a Samsung representative was there (they often stop by for training and device support, like Nokia) and he was able to look up the date and confirm a Friday launch. The 4.8-inch device also shows up on the Sprint store’s computers and may even be able to be ordered (the store was going to try, but our tipster is heading out of town when it ships). That’s good news if you were planning to get this phone, as it means you should be able to place your order very soon and it may not hurt to cozy up to your friendly neighborhood Sprint specialist. Thanks, Michael, for the photo You can read comments and view pictures/video here at WPCentral.com: http://www.wpcentral.com/sprint-ativ-s-neo-all-confirmed-friday-release Or open the article with the WPCentral app here: wpcentral:show?article=sprint-ativ-s-neo-all-confirmed-friday-release