The Division’s player count has dropped by a gigantic 93% since launch

Ubisoft launched The Division with a huge marketing campaign, and after a few delays and issues with the launch, it was a mostly positive deal for the company with the game making $330 million in its first 5 days of release. Well, The Division’s player count has dropped by a huge 93%, with all but 7% of its player base left – Ubisoft really is in the Dark Zone with The Division and its longevity.


According to Githyp, The Division’s player count has dropped dramatically on Steam since it launched, with its peak of 2.1 million players. Right now, it’s sitting at around 143,000 players, with that being a drop of 93%. It was only 48 hours ago that Ubisoft enabled The Division’s ”Clear Sky Challenge” mode, and then before that we had the release of Clear Sky.

There are various issues with hacking and exploits, but with only a few hundred thousand people playing – mixed with the reality of 93% of the player base all but abandoning The Division, is the game on life support, and what’s Ubisoft’s plan for E3 2016?