Updated: iPhone 5S release date: where can I get it?

All articles Updated: iPhone 5S release date: where can I get it? ————————— We’ve updated this article with news on the current iPhone 5S stock levels, so read on to find out just who has what and where… The anticipation is over – Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5S to the world and it’s now available for you to buy. But now we’re onto the next question: where can we actually pick one of these up and which 4G networks is it compatible with? Well, we have the inside information on who’s stocking the new iPhone and where you’re able to grab it. Here’s the 411 – although be warned, it seems like Apple is having real trouble getting this phone into the hands of consumers. Want more deets on the iPhone 5S? Right this way then. Or perhaps you’d like to read our hands on review?Apple Store If you’re looking to pick up the iPhone 5S SIM-free, the Apple store has the handset available for £549 for the 16GB version, £629 for the 32GB and £709 for the 64GB. Most stores are now sold out, with users in the queues up and down the country being told that only the forward-most standers will get something. Gold is in particularly short supply, apparently. EE, Orange and T-Mobile EE has the iPhone 5S in stock and the handset is available on 4GEE, Orange and T-Mobile tariffs. However, the network has decided to push all its 5S stock onto the 4G service, meaning that anyone looking for a flagship iPhone on Orange or T-Mobile will have to wait. ”Most of the pre-launch interest we’ve received for the iPhone 5S has been from customers wanting it on 4GEE, so with limited supply we’ve configured the stock we have to work with our 4GEE service,” said a spokesperson. ”We’re expecting to receive further deliveries of stock soon, so customers who want the iPhone 5S on Orange or T- Mobile can place an order in store or with our telesales agents, who will contact them as soon as stock becomes available.” We received an internal document from a reader last night too – so check below to see our full list of EE stores with 50 plus iPhones at launch. You can pick up the phone from: Birmingham (5 stores), Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol, Burnley, Cardiff (2), Chelmsford, Crawley (2), Derby, Edinburgh, Bluewater (2), Thurrock (2), Romford, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool (3), Warrington, Basildon, London (24), Luton, Manchester (3), Milton Keynes (3), Darlington, Newcastle (2), Nottingham (2), Peterborough, Preston, Sheffield (4), Southampton, Stevenage, Watford. As with the iPhone 5C, there’s no sign of a free handset on the 4G contracts, with £19.99 the lowest upfront cost available on a two year contract with 20GB of data demanding £51 per month from you. EE reckons you’re best off plumping for the £46 per month tariff with 10GB which requires you to part with £49.99 for the 16GB iPhone 5S. If instead you fancy picking up the 32GB or 64GB version of the 5S EE wants to push you to the 24 month, £51 contract which requires an upfront payment of £129.99 or £229.99. Those of you with eligible devices can upgrade via EE’s new ’swap’ program (conveniently announced just before launch) if you’re six months or longer into your contract – this is also useful for Orange and T-Mobile customers Three Three has also jumped onto the iPhone 5S bandwagon and you can pick one up from the network today – although remember there’s no 4G network on offer here (until December anyway). Three is being quite tight-lipped on its stock levels, refusing to comment when asked about its iPhone 5S stock levels. However, it did confirm on Twitter that it will have some units in store today: ”iPhone 5S is available now on Three, the network rated No.1 for iPhone… go in store or buy online.” Twitter users have confirmed that Three has a limited stock, with many stores selling out in the first hour and some outlets only selling to new customers, with those wanting to upgrade being forced to wait. You get just three choices of tariffs on Three’s 3G network which all require £99 up front, with the £37 per month two year deal providing unlimited data, 5000 texts and 500 minutes while the top billing £41 per month plan gives you 2000 minutes and 5000 Three-to-Three minutes and a 16GB model. If you fancy the 32GB or 64GB iPhone 5S the upfront cost stays the same, but your monthly outlay increases by £5 or £10 depending on which size you go for. Three has told us that both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be compatible with its 4G network when it does finally roll out. A PAYG option for the iPhone 5S looks to be on the cards over at Three, but currently it’s ”out of stock” with no word on a release date or handset cost. Vodafone Vodafone was one of the first to tell us that it will be stocking the new iPhone 5S and you can now pick one up from the network. Vodafone has been in touch too, and seems to be somewhere between O2 and EE when it comes to stock levels, with many Twitter users confirming they’ve been able to buy from a variety of stores up and down the country. Vodafone sent us this short statement: ”There’s stock in all stores, which is being sold on a first come, first served basis.” You can opt for either a Vodafone 4G or 3G plan. The former will also come with a choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium account when you opt for a pay-monthly contract, starting from £47 a month if you go for a 2-year deal. The 4G plans are as follows: And the 3G plans: O2 O2 has another problem with the iPhone 5S. We already knew that the new phone wasn’t going to work on the network’s 4G for ’weeks’, and now it’s has confirmed it hasn’t even got stock of the handset yet. We spoke to the effervescent network, which confirmed buyers may have to wait a month and a half to get their hands on the new device: ”We won’t have iPhone 5S stock in stores to sell but customers will be able to place their order with us in-store. They can also order online or over the phone. ”If customers are in store they’ll be able to get a demo of the phone and place their order with the help of one of our store advisors. ”We anticipate that orders made in our stores for the 5S will be available to collect at the store in three to six weeks. The customer will receive a text when their handset is ready for collection.” In terms of contracts the iPhone 5S is available on O2’s Refresh tariffs and you can get the 16GB version for £36 a month with a £119.99 upfront cost, which includes unlimited minutes and texts as well as 1GB of 3G data. Or if you’re hankering for some 4G action when it does eventually arrive, you can pay the same upfront cost but for £47 a month you’ll get 5GB of data at superfast speeds on top of the unlimited texts and talk time. Catch up on all the details about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Read more: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/techradar/allnews/~3/4uLH195UoEI/story01.htm ————————— 2013-09-20 11:41:00 Dark RSS Reader www.darkrss.ch