Western Digital Purple Surveillance Storage 4TB HDD Review





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In small towns and large cities all over the world, surveillance is on the rise. I’m not talking about large scale government eyes, but rather surveillance on a much smaller scale. Just weeks ago in the small town I live in, where it’s rare to find a locked door, a home was burglarized. Surprisingly, this was almost a life-changing event here, something on the local timeline because crimes with victims are rare here. The burglary made state news with coverage in the statewide newspaper and television broadcasts because the homeowners had a video surveillance system. Three unmasked men will spend the next twenty years behind bars thanks to the video evidence, and this small town can go back to peaceful living.



Visit any police department’s Facebook page and you’ll see endless still images of video footage capturing people doing bad things. Sometimes the raw video is grainy, black and white, or missing frames. Surveillance systems can be complicated, requiring some skill to configure properly, and the number of sub-par prepackaged systems on the market outnumber quality systems designed and installed by professionals.



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Western Digital recently released a new product that helps to take the guesswork out of video surveillance. The company added a new color to their HDD product family, but WD Purple is more than just a physical hard drive with features for surveillance installers. On the Purple product pages, installers can calculate the storage amount needed for a system.



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Another built-in feature helps guide installers on which Western Digital HDD model works best with a given system. In larger systems with eight or more drives, Western Digital recommends either a Se or Re product taken from the enterprise product line up. The new Purple, like the Red model for NAS products, is a lower price unit designed for smaller system that do not require the full gamut of enterprise features.

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