When are you getting Windows 8.1? Possibly around mid-October

Hey check out this article I found on WPCentral: Windows 8.1 is right around the corner. The update to Windows 8 has always been scheduled for “later this year”, now thanks to Mary Jo Foley we have a better idea of when you’ll be able to grab the Windows 8.1 bits for yourself. Mid-October. A little over 12 hours ago we showed you guys the latest build of Windows 8.1 to leak online. In this latest build we see some new features and apps get updated. There’s a new Help & Tips app to help consumers find their way around Windows. Other changes include improvements to the Mail and People apps. Over at ZDNET, Mary Jo Foley shared with us that Windows 8.1 will RTM by August. Here we are in the middle of August, so what’s the status on Windows? In a new blog post she shares the latest from her sources inside Microsoft. Here’s what’s happening. As of right now, Windows 8.1 is still on track to go to OEMs at the end of August, but what about consumers like you getting it? Everyone who isn’t an OEM will need to wait for general availability, which Mary Jo learned should be around mid-October. During mid-October Windows 8.1 will be available to download and launch with new hardware running it. Typically in the past subscribers to MSDN and TechNet could download it shortly after it went out to OEMs, this time that won’t be the case and even those folks will need to wait for mid-October. So there you have it. We can get Windows 8.1 around mid-October. How many of you are planning on getting a new machine (or building) to go with the latest version of Windows? Count me in both camps. Although we’re really hoping to have a new Surface in the 7 to 8 inch range to play with around then. Source: ZDNET, Via: The Verge You can read comments and view pictures/video here at WPCentral.com: http://www.wpcentral.com/when-are-you-getting-windows-81-around-mid-october Or open the article with the WPCentral app here: wpcentral:show?article=when-are-you-getting-windows-81-around-mid-october