Windows Phone 8.1 will kill the hardware back button, support 10-inch displays

Fresh articles Windows Phone 8.1 will kill the hardware back button, support 10-inch displays ————————— The next major update for Windows Phone will be 8.1, and we’ve heard quite a bit about it already. Today we are learning even more about Windows Phone 8.1, and the news might surprise you. Paul Thurrott reports that an inside source has indicated Microsoft may be removing the requirement for a hardware back button and support for giant 10-inch displays. BACKING OUT FROM THE BACK BUTTON Currently the back button is used for a number of things in the OS. It is used to go back to the previous page and to back out of apps. The back button is also used to access the multitasking screen with a long press. It is unclear how these actions would be performed if the back button was removed. We assume it would be some sort of gesture, like in Windows 8. A REALLY BIG PHONE OS Microsoft is currently working on Windows Phone GDR3 which supports 5 and 6-inch displays, but in Windows Phone 8.1 they could go even bigger. Thurott also reports that it will support 7 to 10-inch displays. That is not a typo, we do mean Windows Phone 8.1. The move to using a phone OS on large screen tablets could further signify the merging of WP and Windows RT. What do you think of these new rumors? Would you prefer the back button functionality to be replaced by a gesture? Would you like the phone OS to work on big tablets? Read more: http://winsource.com/2013/10/09/windows-phone-8-1-will-kill-the-hardware-back-button-support-10-inch-displays/ ————————— 2013-10-09 17:21:28 Dark RSS Reader www.darkrss.ch