Xbox One might touchdown on November 8th in the USA

Hey check out this article I found on WPCentral: According to an anonymous employee from a marketing company that works with Walmart, Microsoft’s Xbox One might hit the US market on November 8th. A release date of the 8th would place the Xbox One almost a week ahead of its competitor – the PlayStation 4. The marketing company from which the rumor has emerged handles signage and product placement for retailers. The exact date of November 8th has been extracted from a company conference call email that shows all midnight openings Walmart has planned for quarter four. While the leaked email does state a midnight release for November 8th, it lacks the “confirmed” label that all other midnight launches have next to their names. It is possible that the date has recently been announced and that the unnamed marketing firm is still going through the process of locking it down. The Xbox One’s exact release date has been a mystery for a while now and Microsoft just might be making sure to secure a good launch date ahead of the PlayStation 4. If the Xbox One releases a week before the PlayStation 4, do you think people might try out the console and chance their purchase decision? Source: Kotaku You can read comments and view pictures/video here at WPCentral.com: http://www.wpcentral.com/xbox-one-might-touchdown-november-8th-usa Or open the article with the WPCentral app here: wpcentral:show?article=xbox-one-might-touchdown-november-8th-usa